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And a desktop wallpaper image, in time for the season...

"The Stuff I Find At Work" Dept.:

Rupert was almost as angry as he was afraid - but D____ it, the business dinner was full on, and Lord Williamsham had stringently promised after their last altercation to keep his social events to when his family was out of the house. Now all eleven were drunkenly singing a chorus of "The Beggar's Chorus' in full 5 part round as well!

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Trimmed from the December 11th, 1880 issue of THE ILLUSTRATED SPORTING AND DRAMATIC NEWS.

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"S'Blood, man" the spectre spat, standing angrilly. "If y'were concerned for the laydees tis good we weren't deep into 'My Sweetest Lesbia', !"

Detail #1

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Detail #2

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Detail #3

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And because I like you all, here's the print as a 1024x768 desktop wallpaper image.

Post-tober Fest continues apace - despite some weekend faltering...


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